The strength and quality of any relationship between two people is based upon honesty and an understanding of each other’s needs. These emotional building blocks nurture trust and a sense of feeling valued. When there is a breakdown of these core principles, it deeply affects both parties and their sense of stability within the relationship can consequently suffer.

Kerry creates the time and space for you to identify the key issues that are affecting your relationship. By exploring your patterns of behaviour, Kerry facilitates ways in which you can positively resolve your difficulties by improving your communication skills, thereby enhancing your understanding of each other’s needs.

Even if your partner is not present, you can still work through your interpersonal issues with a counsellor.

It is common for a partner to not attend relationship counselling, and if you are living with a partner who is violent towards you, or behaves in a way that leaves you feeling intimidated, or if you are unable to feel in control of your life, then attending counselling without your partner is advised.


Couples Counselling – £65 per session