What is counselling and how can it help?
There are many circumstances and difficulties in life that can affect you and, if left, can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. It is not always possible to talk to family or friends and trying to cope alone can put you under additional pressure. Counselling provides you with a supportive and confidential environment that gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your difficulties, your thoughts and your feelings. Counselling can equip you with strategies and assist you in finding solutions. For further information on counselling and what to expect please click HERE
Is online counselling suitable for me?
Online counselling will benefit you greatly if you have difficulties in attending face-to-face appointments due to travel, family or work commitments, a disability or illness. Online counselling can also help if you feel self-conscious or anxious, as it can allow you to feel more in control of the process. For further information on online counselling please click HERE
What problems can be helped by counselling?
People seek counselling for a variety of reasons and issues. For an A to Z list of difficulties that have been successfully supported in counselling please click HERE
How can I make an appointment?
For your ease and convenience you can book an appointment directly onto the online diary; please click HERE to view availability. You can also send an email or text or telephone us; please click HERE for details.
Where can I be seen?
Glister Counselling provides an online service via Skype. This enables you to access our services from anywhere in the world and at a time and place that is convenient for you. If you prefer your sessions to be face-to-face, Kerry has an office in Newcastle upon Tyne. Please click HERE for the address details. Glister Counselling provides a 12-hour service, seven days a week.
How long are the sessions and how many sessions can I have?
Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and usually take place once or twice a week; you can also attend less frequently. There is no maximum or minimum number of sessions, as the amount of sessions and how often they take place will depend on the issues that you are facing, what your goals are and to what extent you want to explore your difficulties. We will discuss arrangements at your first appointment. For further information on counselling and what to expect please click HERE
What other services do you provide?
Couples Counselling

Glister couples counselling service creates the time and space for you and your partner to identify the key issues that are affecting your relationship. Please click HERE for more information.

Mindfulness Therapy 

Mindfulness Therapy helps you to become more aware of your mind, your physical body and your emotional body. This mind-body based approach helps you to become less overwhelmed by your experiences. Please click HERE for more information.


The aim of mediation is to bring two parties together to identify concerns, clear up misunderstandings and reach a resolution. Please click HERE for more information.

Life Coaching

At Glister we will work with you to create a dynamic step-by-step action plan that will assist you in reaching your objectives. Please click HERE for more information.


Kerry offers supervision to experienced practitioners and to counsellors in training, with a view to nurturing both professional and personal development. Please click HERE for more information.

Employment Assistance

This service is designed to support employees within their place of work by identifying and resolving personal concerns and work-related issues that may be affecting their performance or attendance. Please click HERE for more information.

Critical Assistance

A traumatic event can occur in any work environment and anyone can suffer from a post-traumatic stress reaction. Glister Counselling provides an immediate and informed response to any critical incident. Please click HERE for more information.

What are the costs and how can I make payment?

Counselling Session – £55 per session

Couples Counselling –  £65 per session

Mindfulness Therapy – £65 per session

Supervision – £70 per 1.5 hours

Life Coaching – £65 per session

Meditation – £65 per hour

Employment Assist – £65 per session

Critical Assistance – £65 per hour

All sessions are provided on a pre-paid basis and secure payments can be made at time of booking.

Can my employer be invoiced?
Yes, if someone else, such as your employer, is paying for your sessions, Glister Counselling can invoice them directly. If your employers provide health cover or if you have your own private policy, the cost of your appointments with Kerry could be covered by your insurance company. You would need to contact your provider to confirm their criteria and then request to be assigned to Kerry Quigley. Please click HERE  for further information.
What is your cancellation policy?
When an appointment is cancelled or rearranged with short notice the time is rarely able to be filled. Would you please provide 48 hours’ notice prior to a session to cancel or rearrange your appointment. If 48 hours’ notice is not given or if an appointment is not attended, a fee for 100% of the cost of your appointment will be charged. When an appointment is pre-paid and 48 hours’ notice is provided a full refund will be made within 12 hours.
Is everything I discuss in counselling kept private?
Any information that you disclose to your counsellor during your sessions is kept confidential unless you give your consent for this information to be shared with a third party. There is one exception to this: if information relating to the risk of potential harm or actual harm to yourself or others is disclosed, further support may be required. Where possible, every effort will be made to involve clients in the safeguarding process.
Is online video counselling confidential?
Yes, all online sessions are encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality.
What are your qualifications?
Kerry is accredited by The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. The BACP is the largest professional body within its sector and it promotes a code of ethical practice by setting and monitoring standards. Membership requires meeting stringent training and professional criteria and agreeing to abide by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. You can find the registration details for Kerry’s accredited membership of the BACP HERE
What are the approaches you use?
Kerry has a wealth of clinical and therapeutic experience. She uses integrative and humanistic approaches and her work includes Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Please click HERE for more information.
What can I do if I am not coping in between sessions?
If you are finding it hard to cope in between sessions then please discuss this with Kerry. Your personal circumstances will be reviewed and Kerry will then be able to advise you. Please click HERE for contact details.
What if I am in a crisis?
Counselling is not an appropriate service when an emergency response is necessary. If you feel you are in need of urgent help then please initially contact your nearest emergency service. Once emergency care is in place you can then engage in counselling for further support.

If you have any questions that have not been answered or if you would like to discuss any of Glister Counselling’s Services in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Initial contact does not mean you are obligated to proceed