The primary function of supervision is to nurture both your professional and personal development, and to maximise your full potential as a well-rounded and effective counsellor. You will be encouraged to explore your client work in order to form a clearer idea of what’s happening between you and your clients. Supervision assists you in utilising your skills constructively and helps to promote clarification, emotional wellbeing and change.

Clinical Supervision is essential to ensure a high standard of professional practice.

Most professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy require their members to incorporate supervision into their clinical practice. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) requires qualified counsellors to undergo one and a half hours of supervision per month. The guidelines for trainee counsellors stipulate a minimum of one and a half hours per month, with a ratio of eight hours counselling to one hour supervision per month, and the trainee is to see the supervisor fortnightly. For further information on the BACP guidelines on clinical supervision please click HERE

Kerry provides supervision at Glister. Her approach for this is driven by theory and based around intuition. She draws on ideas from the humanistic and psychodynamic approaches in order to help you achieve a greater understand your client’s issues as well as your own therapeutic process and personal awareness. Kerry believes the quality of the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee also adds greatly to the efficacy of supervision.


Supervision – £70 per 1.5hr session

If you require Supervision please contact Kerry directly Contact Page