Employment Assistance

Glister’s employment assistance services are aimed at supporting employers and employees within their place of work by identifying and resolving any personal concerns or work-related issues that may be affecting an employee’s performance or attendance. The most common issues affecting an employee’s ability to function are anxiety/stress, depression, interpersonal/relationship problems and self-esteem issues. Assisting the emotional needs of your employees is a key factor in promoting a healthier and more productive workforce that enjoys improved relationships at home and at work. On average, it will only take six sessions to effect an improvement of an employee’s difficulties.

Effective support can make a real difference to your employee’s morale and help you manage absenteeism.

Our short-term, results-oriented therapy programme provides you with a valuable resource to increase the emotional effectiveness of your workforce. We can tailor our services to meet your unique requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact Glister today to further discuss how we can help resolve any concerns that are affecting you or your employees.



Employment Assistance – £65 per session

If you require an Employment Assistance appointment or the Supervision Service please contact me directly using our Contact Page