Mindfulness therapy is an integrated mind-and-body approach. The beneficial therapeutic effect that it has on your overall sense of well-being stems from the fact that it puts you in control of your mind. Our minds have a strong tendency to ruminate over a constant stream of chatter. This endless jumble of thoughts, ideas, images and memories are always there and we are always interacting with them. At times of stress, our thoughts tend to carry us down a path of automatic defensive reactions that often make matters worse and we can find ourselves dwelling on the past or anticipating the future with very little satisfaction or productivity. Mindfulness therapy will help you to sharpen your ability to notice the point at which you begin to engage in automatic thinking and behaviour. By recognising the activity of and interaction between your mind, body and emotions you will be able to develop clarity and emotional resilience to respond in ways that are non-reactive and more skilful.

Mindfulness is greatly effective and has been practiced for thousands of years in various cultures.

Mindfulness therapy helps you to become more aware of the unhelpfulness of some thoughts and will highlight the ways in which you resist or cling to aspects of your behaviour. Feelings relating to regret, sadness, guilt or bitterness may suggest that you are mentally and emotionally reacting to past experiences, while anxiety, stress and worrying are connected to fear and would suggest a preoccupation with the future. The key to being able to effectively relate to stressful situations and uncomfortable feelings is to become more aware and accepting of your direct experiences. Mindfulness gives you the ability to focus your mind on whatever subject you choose, rather than putting up with your mind running around haphazardly.


Mindfulness Therapy – £65 per session