A critical incident is a traumatic event that has overwhelmed an individual’s ability to cope emotionally. Traumatic events can occur in any work environment and anyone can suffer from a post-traumatic stress reaction. Incident stress debriefings help individuals come to terms with their exposure to a trauma.

Critical incidents in the workplace are very common; a report by the Institute for Employment Studies (see: indicates that nine out of ten people will experience a traumatic incident at some point in their lives and that, every year, 15% of all workers will suffer from a traumatic event.

As an employer, ensuring that your organisation is prepared to cope with critical incidents is paramount to ensuring minimal risk and impact on the health and productivity of your workforce. It safeguards against staff absence and promotes your employee’s sense of worth and well-being.

We understand that each critical incident is unique, so we tailor our service to meet your individual needs and the requirements of your organisation.

With a wealth of experience in managing critical incidents within the public and private sectors, Glister Counselling provides an immediate and informed response to any situation and offers individuals timely and appropriate clinical support. This includes post-incident, on-site interventions that promote the recovery of the employee’s emotional health and help them to regain their ability to function. 

Examples of critical incidents include

  • Suicide of a employee
  • Witnessing the death or injury of a colleague
  • Being threatened or assaulted by a co-worker or customer
  • Serious work related injury with multiple casualties
  • Significant events involving children
  • Incidents that involve media interest
  • Bomb threats
  • Any significant and overwhelming distressing event



Critical Assistance – £60 per hour