I would like to give a huge thank you to Laura Ball www.lauraballtranslator.eu for proofreading my website. Laura was refreshing to work with. I greatly appreciated her efficiency and sensitivity. My website feels like an extension of me and I had reservations at the thought of another person revising what felt like my baby! Laura’s amendments polished my grammar and writing style without taking anything away from the content. In the process I also learnt a lot about how I write. Laura highlighted areas in my writing that I was not aware of. Her guidance regarding my overuse of certain words and the structuring of my sentences has been enlightening.

In all areas of my life I have a passion for growth. I am particularly fascinated with how we internally process our thoughts and feelings and relate to others. I think you would agree that this can be challenging! I often use the model of the Johari Window to explain to my clients how counselling can help them to make sense of the unknown areas of themselves and their interpersonal relationships. Whichever area of your life you gain awareness, this will allow for greater functioning. With the help of Laura’s expertise I now have more awareness and functioning with my writing style; thank you Laura.

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